Seattle's Central Space Studios will be opening up their doors to the public this weekend with a letterpress centric event. Artists like Miss Cline featured above will be offering up letterpress goods along with instructional demonstrations this Saturday May 1st from 12-5 pm. Also in the mix artisanal beers and live music from The Briar Pickers.

Saturday May 1st 12-5pm

Central Space Studios
2370 E Cherry St (& 23rd Ave)
Seattle, 98122

"There is a world tucked away behind this one. An old world made up of endless fields, distant hills and timeworn cliffs. A place where the sun is always setting. A land in which extinct slow-moving monsters and elegant gentle-faced creatures of all shapes and sizes reside." So proclaims Portland artist Jeannie Paske's bio and it is an apt description of the world she has created filled with gossamer beings roving through the twilight. Paske's watercolor and pastel pieces are something of half remembered dreams, where shadowed characters alight on evening breezes and across unknown seas. Paske's Etsy shop offers up a wide selection of her work in varying sizes just ready to fill your walls with other worldly wonders.
Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Photographer Max Oppenheim has teamed up with prosthetic artist Bill Turpin to bring the characters from Charles Burns' seminal comic book Black Hole to life. The Operators have a full set of the series of mutant teens or you can pick up a copy of 125 Magazine for a closer look at the infectious creations.