There's a must read post over on today that any photographer or fan of photography should read. Post 9-11 the amount of innocuous photographers being harassed and arrested for potential terrorist behavior is regrettably on the rise. It's a rather harrowing thought that my fascination with architecture and wanting to photograph architectural details could arouse suspicion with law enforcement, but photographers around the world are finding that their subject matter is making them persons of interest. A UK organization has just launched the Photographer Not a Terrorist campaign that gives information about the rights of individuals who find themselves being questioned by law enforcement and great stickers that proclaim I'm A Photographer Not A Terrorist. As friends of several urban explorers and street photographers I'd hate to think of any of them getting hassled for simply trying to capture the wonders of the world and it inhabitants. Or that photographs like those Walker Evans did in a three year long study of people on the NYC subway using hidden cameras could be an unthinkable thing of the past. Definitely food for thought.


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