Wednesday, August 5, 2009
A great piece on the virtues of consistent branding on that compares the logos of Coca-Cola and Pepsi over the last 123 years. Coke might not have won the blind taste challenge but they definitely win points for consistency of brand identity with very little changing in their iconic logo since 1885. The classic logo stills stands up today which can only help cement Coke's place as an advertising icon. Pepsi however, seems to have stayed true to the goal of tapping into the youth generation with several logo redesigns to "keep up with the times", just like their use of each decades "It" pop stars for commercials Pepsi seems to gravitate to the new, now, next train of thought when it comes to keeping their product on the consumer radar. At the end of the day it looks like both roads can lead to success, but neither are devoid of risks. With proper product and company branding a must in today's markets it's a good debate for any company to have before venturing into advertising.

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