Wednesday, August 19, 2009
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A stupendous collection of circus posters and images is being showcased at; boasting 8,000 posters, 7,000 photos and picture postcards in addition to books, magazines and programmes from the 1880's to present times. It's a virtual nirvana for any circus geek, freak and fan. The bulk of the collection comes from über-collector and circus historian Jaap Best. Best became mesmerized by the big top in the Netherlands at an early age and never looked back, amassing an amazingly thorough collection of printed ephemera. It is also the largest collection of Adolph Friedländer's work who from 1880-1930 was the premier producer of signage for the three ringed shows. The photos above and below are all examples of Friedländer's skills and are just a few of the treats that await if you're willing to step right up and take a peek.

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