Thursday, September 24, 2009

Beauty's Lot, English, 1778
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With the recent threat of Philadelphia having to close it's entire public library system (something that was luckily avoided) I thought I would shine the light on PK's curious and enlightening blog BiblioOdyssey. A receptacle for printed ephemera that inhabits many libraries newly digitized collections, the blog harvests a fascinating mix of images. From drawings of the danse macabre, to engravings of mythical beings and fairy tales, it's truly a revelation that archives of so many libraries are now available with just a few clicks of the mouse and will hopefully entice people to revisit their idea of the public library. I have often spent hours pouring over this collection and following it's links to the original source materials where even stranger worlds can be found for those willing to do a little hunting (OK sometimes a lot but the payoffs are great) threw the catalogues of such institutions like the US National Library of Medicine or the Royal and National Library of Denmark. And just think there's never any late fees for over due books.

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